I am the Director of Studies at a continuous enrolment English language school in central London.

I have worked in the same school for 10 (TEN!) years, and been the DOS since 2006.

When I first took on the role, I pretty much followed the ways of the previous DOS, probably because I’d never really worked in a good school before this one, and I didn’t have any other role models worth copying.

I have grown and developed in the role during this time, and found my own ways. It is always challenging, yet enjoyable – perhaps because I am continuously seeking to improve what I do and how I do it. The main challenge is this – to juggle everything and still find the space to think about how things might work better and not let ideas, improvements get left behind.

Thus this blog…I aim to write about all kinds of things, from the inspirational leadership stuff like creating a culture of learning to the nitty gritty of course planning, teacher hours-allocation, and admin. Anything which might come under the academic management umbrella. Oh, and I might put down a few thoughts on professional development.

Whatever may come, I hope to share some ideas, some insights, some issues, and hopefully gain new perspectives…

Share your thoughts too. Be the DOS!


5 responses

21 01 2013
Sarah ter Keurs (@terkeurss)

Looking forward to following your posts! Great site Josh!


21 01 2013

Hi Sarah! Thanks very much for stopping by!


7 02 2013
Mike Harrison

Just found my way here and was wondering who ‘Beth Edos’ was for a moment!

Nice idea and blog, looking forward to following!



7 02 2013

Hi Mike, what? you don’t know who Beth E Dos is? Where have you been?!

Thanks for ‘dropping in’ and for your comment. Cheers!


13 07 2013
Teacher LEARNing, PD, CPD, Training….wotever! When are we going to get it ‘right’? | allthingslearning

[…] Josh Round did one some time back (but I only found it this week) – What to Put in the CPD Pot – full of sensible practical ideas. […]


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