It’s a beautiful life! (in response to Tyson’s challenge)

19 12 2013
1st bday cake

From photo by @mkofab #eltpics

To celebrate this blog’s 1st birthday (whoop whoop!), Tyson Seburn suggested I respond to a blog chain challenge, in which bloggers share 11 random facts about themselves and nominate others to do the same (why 11, no-one seems to know). Tyson’s response is here, he was prompted to do this by Carol Goodey’s post here and she was in turn tagged to do the challenge by Rachael Roberts.

The idea has a fun, festive, end of year feel to it, and is a nice way for me to finish off this first year of (occasional) blogging. I should be able to rattle it off quite quickly as well, which is another good reason to give it a go 🙂

So, here we are, 11 random things to discover about me!

1. I love a good boogie!

2. I sing in an acappella group, I’m a tenor. I have always loved a sing-song, at home, and whenever karaoke opportunities come up, but I only recently joined this group; we meet once a week, and I realise I love the process of learning and creating a dynamic song.

3. I am a retired actor. It was my job for around 10 years, I had small roles in TV and film, and did quite a lot of commercials in the UK and Europe. The most fun I had was working on new plays in theatres on the fringe. It is such an unpredictable career path that it was a relief when I finally hung up my acting boots.

4. I studied French and German to degree level. Then met my wife, who is Spanish.

5. I don’t like feeling closed-in. This has become more of an intense feeling in the last few years, so…I have to have an aisle seat on the plane and at the cinema, and sit in the front seat of a car. I am wary of packed tube trains.

6. I love playing football, swimming, and cycling. I swim once a week with my 2 boys, I cycle to work (when it’s not raining or too cold!), and would like to play footy more than I do.

7. A couple of years ago, almost suddenly, I developed a passion / obsession / strong interest in the zombie genre. Not sure why. But I now love watching zombie films (most recently the Cuban ‘Juan of the Dead’), and the TV series ‘The Walking Dead’, and I even read zombie fiction (most of which is awful, but The Remaining by D.J. Molles is a good series).

8. I would love to play the piano – and if I could, I’d play jazz.

9. I’m a terrible one for snacking; I can’t just drink a cup of coffee, I have to have something with it (biscuits, cake, bagel, muffin, flapjack…)

10. Before the term ‘Gamer’ was around, I was a gamer. I can still remember the intense emotions I experienced when I first played Goldeneye on a friend’s N64. I spent too many hours playing that; and other games like Resident Evil and Grand Theft Auto. Now I dabble from time to time on my iPad, while my kids have started getting into Minecraft (it’s creative and collaborative so I think that’s all right).

11. I am a sucker for Apple products. I love them! My first computer, as an adult, was a strawberry Apple iMac. Since then, with my wife, I have had 2 Macbook Pros, an iPad 2, an iPhone 4 and 5, and an iPad Mini.


The other part of the challenge is to tag other bloggers to prompt them to participate. So here is my nudge to a few bloggers I know and admire; Laura is a great colleague at SGI, James I’ve met at several IATEFL conferences and is an all round good guy, and the others are fellow ELT management folk, just to show that we too can have a bit of fun – come on guys, we can, can’t we?!

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